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Workshop Special with Katja & Nik from Slovenia (English) - Fortsetzungstermin in Planung

Katja and Nik dance at numerous international congresses and looking forward to bringing their experience to Graz.

Their dance style is a fantastic combination of technique, passion, and musicality which allows them to effortlessly perform elegant figures on the dancefloor.

In their classes you will learn a balanced mix of technique, partnerwork, styling and interesting patterns.

These workshops are for all dancers who know at least the basics, up to intermediate & advanced level - join us for a great time!

13:00-16:00 - SALSA on1 (with short break)

- Warmup & Body Movement

- Technique

- Partnerwork & Musicality

- a short combination

- shines for ladies / men

16:00-17:00 - practice time / break

17:00-20:00 -  BACHATA & BACHATA SENSUAL (with short break)

- Warmup & Body Movement

- Body Rolls

- Partnerwork & Lead and Follow

- Musicality

- a short combination

Prices Salsa & Bachata - 60€

Prices Salsa or Bachata only - 40€


Tanzschule Klaus Höllbacher, Peter-Rosegger-Straße 24, 8053 Graz

free parking spaces

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